T.S. Bach…the REAL Bach

Absolutely the best video I have seen this year.  The truth is finally set free!  J.S. Bach is the imposter…LONG LIVE T.S. Bach!

Make sure you watch this one afterwards…almost killed poor Willy and I!

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The Prophet Tendie

I am always right.  I never fail good sirs.  Boeckman played like a little girl and Ohio State lost.  What a surprise.  I’ve kept from writing this so that I wouldn’t be to hateful towards Mr. worthless Ohio State quarterback.  I understand that Small should have knocked that first interception down but Boeckman should have NEVER thrown that pass.  And then that fumble.  That ripped my poor black heart out.  I will admit they played better this year than 41 – 14.  OK that’s out of the way so reasonable Tendie can come back.  The Ohio State University Buckeyes were not ready this year.  There I said it.  If they beat USC next year I do believe that the buckeyes will ride that momentum all they way to the Orange Bowl.  Ryan Mallet left Michigan for Arkansas for some ungodly reason so Michigan has no quarterback with starting experience.  Penn State is at the Shoe, after USC Wisconsin is the scariest game right?  Dammit who am i kidding I’m not a tenth as scared of USC as I am as Michigan.  They have a new coach, most of there offensive power graduated, nobody is taking them that seriously.  Oh my lord this could be the scariest team Tressel has faced yet.  I’m already giving myself nightmares.  Well I guess this is the last sports blog I’ll have until The Redlegs start again so hopefully I will review more comics and books.  Oh and I’ll give all of you faithful readers a detailed review of The Romeo Void album I ordered once I’ve listened through the whole record a couple of times.

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Tendie’s new quest

Hello fellow nerd monsters. For the past couple of days I haven’t really been able to think about anything but WOW, (of course) and an idea that keeps floating in my mind. It happened after the Michigan game when I realized Lloyd Carr was going to retire and the “oh shit Michigan is going to hire a coach that can kill Tressel” mode started up. But I started thinking who? Who can Michigan get? Les Miles? 0 and 1 against Tressel. Cam Cameron from the Miami Dolphins? why would he leave to go to MF? There are only two coaches in Division I that have winning records against Coach Sweater Vest Barry Alvarez, (retired) and Urban Meyer. Well I guess Lou Holtz is also 1 and 0 but that was a Cooper team he inherited so that in null and void. I cannot see Urban leaving for Michigan when he is probably leaving Florida in two years for the pros anyway. Now don’t get me wrong Tressel has his faults but as long as he is the coach I don’t think any Michigan coach is going to win year in year out against us. Just look at this year. I know the Big Ten was down but come on. A first year starter at QB, a starting running back with a bum ankle, (I should put right here that I do not think that Benie Wells will be the starter next year, I really think it will be Brandon Saine), an improved defense but still nowhere near as good as 2002 or 2003 or 2005), two new starting wide-outs and he still went 10 and 1. Granted I’m writing this a couple of months before the bowl game so if they get blown out I will have to do a revision. So anyway my new quest is next year after whomever Michigan hires as a head coach is to not be arrogant because it is still the school up north and they always, ALWAYS loom but to at least be calmer during the season. Trust the sweater vest. Here are his stats: Overall record at The Ohio State University is 84 and 16, 3 Big Ten titles (2 co-championed), and 1 National Title and the bigun 7-1 against Michigan in 8 years while John Cooper’s record in thirteen years is as follows: overall record 111-43-4, 3 Big Ten titles (all 3 co-championed) 0 National Titles and the big one 2-10-1 against Michigan. So in my opinion we have the best coach in college football and I need to realize he probably knows what he is doing. All of this is rubbish if Boeckman plays like a two year old again in the bowl game. He has to age quick sir cuz were playing USC next year. I leave u with this, Ann Arbor is a whore and she loves my nuts.

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An Unfinished Promise

Well I just learned that Robert Jordan has passed on. I do feel sorrow and regret and loss and I hope that some of that goes towards his family and not just my own selfishness. For those of you who do not know who Robert Jordan is he is the author of the Wheel of Time series of novels. Surprisingly I was just having a conversation with Master Henderson about what would happen if he died without finishing his story. I actually do hope nobody else picks up what he has left of A Memory of Light and just leaves it alone. I feel incomplete without knowing how the story ends though. Thank the Lord that Stephen King finished the Dark Tower for I know I couldn’t have handled both of my favorite stories ever not being completed. This must be what humans feel like when they do not have someone to attach themselves to. I will grudgingly admit that I am saddened by this news, my bookshelf will never feel full. Goodbye Mr. Jordan your story was amazing.

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A Greg Wemer review

The Movie: The Bride

Well Dr. Frankenstein makes his monster but he gets lonely because he is so ugly so he makes him a bride.  But he pulls out all of the stops and makes her beautiful.  Needless to say the Dr. falls in love with her and kicks the monster out.  So the monster is running around and then he finds a midget and so they join the circus.  A pretty sad movie actually.  Also it stars Sting.  (All of this said in a Greg Wemer voice).

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Ohio State 33 Washington 14

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, today is another wonderful day in the land of the tendie’s. I said this last week and I’ll say it again, Jake Locker is going to be a GREAT quarterback in the future but today just wasn’t his day. The first half of the game Ohio State’s offense looked terrible. They could drive the ball down the field but just couldn’t score. At halftime they were down 7 to 3. But, the second half was all Ohio State. The way they played that second half there isn’t a team in the nation that could beat them. They completely controlled the game. Beanie Wells looked amazing and Todd Boeckman actually looked good for a change. The defense was very impressive also, they dominated Washington in every aspect. This was also Jim Tressel’s 200th career win as a head coach so congratulations Mr. Sweater Vest. On a sadder note I had to stop Henderson from attempting suicide because his Bobcats fell to Virgina Tech 28 to 7. Please send you get well wishes to Henderson’s page GiantFiddlesRus. Next week Ohio State starts conference play against the Northwestern Wildcats who are also 3 and 0 but I don’t think Northwestern has the power to hang with THE Ohio State University. Here is an interesting fact for you all, The Big Ten is the only power conference to have a school in it that doesn’t play any sports. Can you name the team? Send you guess to me and tune in next Saturday for the answer.

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Ohio State 20 Akron 2

Well there isn’t much good to be said about Ohio State’s offense this week but man did there defense look good.  They held Akron to 3, (that’s right 3), rushing yards and 69 total yards of offense.  But as great as there defense was Ohio State is going to have to play a hell of a lot better game next Saturday when they travel to Seattle and face The Washington Huskies.  There true freshman quarterback,  (Jake Locker), is going to be great but he hasn’t faced a defense like the bucks and I do believe that Coach Tressel will out coach Ty Willingham.  Its going to be close but I think The Ohio State University will prevail.  On another note I have changed my third favorite team this week to the University of Oregon.  For those of you keeping track at home the lists goes like this:

1. THE Ohio State University

2. Appalachia State University

3. The University of Oregon

4. The University of Alabama

Oh and for Henderson his mighty Bobcats of Ohio University defeated The University of Louisiana-Lafayette 31 to 23.  Is this the start of something special?  Only Henderson knows…

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A Henderson quote

You know that an Albatross and an Eagle are two different birds right?  But they are both part of the Birdie family.

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A Tendie quote




Tendie after Oregon’s ass-whupping of Michigan 39 – 7

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An early saturday morning review of wednesday books

Hello un-humans. Sorry it took so long for this review but I couldn’t pry myself from repeated viewings of “Chocolate Rain” by Tay Zonday. Anyway onward to the books!! Luckily for me it was a small week so we will start with Marvel. The Incredible Hulk #109 by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan seemed too jerky and suffered from poor art and generic supporting characters. I have never been a fan of Rick Jones but even I don’t believe that the Hulk needs another human kid who follows him around. Rubbish I say. The New Avengers #33 by Brian Bendis and Leinil Yu was also a letdown. There are problems between Luke Cage and his wife, who cares? Oh that’s right NOBODY!!! I just do not understand this insistence of making comics mirror real life. I read comics for the escapism of it, not the parallels. Moving on Daredevil #99 by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark was FANTASTIC and is leading up to a great issue 100. Ed really understands how to pace a comic book…it is amazing. Even more amazing is that I actually care about Matt Murdock’s personal life. Its ok, I’m repulsed also. Well that is it for Marvel so lets move onto Vertigo’s only title this week which is DMZ by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli. This issue was at least better than last months but still crap compared to The Exterminators. I may start giving in depth reviews of certain comics from time to time if you filthy un-humans would like me too. Please let me know. B.P.R.D. #1 came out courtesy of Mike Mignola, John Arcudi and Guy Davis. The #1 is a little misleading because B.P.R.D. is a bunch of mini series that tell one massive story ala Hellboy but it was still entertaining. Guy Davis’ artwork fits perfectly into the Hellboy universe. Also from Darkhorse was Blade of the Immortal #128 by Hiroaki Samura which finally starts what seems to be the rescue of Manji from the bangashira Habaki Ragimura. Some absolutely WONDERFUL ass-kicking moments for Doa. You wanna know something? I love this book. Thats right I physically love this book. It has everything I want: kick ass characters, a long epic story, beautiful artwork, and comedy relief. This book is tied with Jonah Hex, The Exterminators, and Usaigi Yojimbo as the best book out right now. Unfortunately I must move on from Blade of the Immortal and finish this review. From D.C. we have some crap and this weeks winner so it seems D.C. is very hit or miss doesn’t it? Batman #667 by Grant Morrison and J.H. Williams III was pretty stupid. The artwork was good but the story was every sappy stupid silver age moment mixed with an Agatha Christie novel. Countdown #38 by Paul Dini, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Jesus Saiz was another waste of time. Garbage even. The only good part was a scene involving The New Question where the artwork was so shitty that she looked like she was wearing pantaloons. Even with all of that filth D.C. still had this weeks winner, (Chris Benoit’s last suicidal breath), Green Lantern #22 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. Even though Kyle’s ass-whopping of Hal only lasted a few pages I cannot say anything bad about any chapter of The Sinestro Corps War. It is fucking awesome, better than W.W.H. even. Well there you have it this weeks glorious review stay tuned next week as we discuss more amazing adventures in the land of the Tendies.

Not this weeks winner but still a very sexy cover of Blade of the Immortal!

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